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Online gambling has been growing and has become a fiercely competitive industry. This is evident when one examines the top online casino software providers and their portfolios. Microgaming offers more than 400 games, giving players the advantage of variety. Rival Gaming on the other hand, has only about 60 games in its portfolio. The question that arises that how would the comparison be made, as to which company is better?
When trying to determine why one online craps has more games than its competitor, one must take into account that some casino software providers have been in the business much longer. Microgaming has been doing business for more than a decade now whereas Rival Gaming got started just a few years ago. This is a significant factor that accounts for the difference in the number of games a casino has to offer. Another reason that plays a role is the rate of releases.

Every player is different and has his/her own preferences of games. Some gamers prefer slots; some love scratch cards while others live for the thrill of table games. One doesn’t have the time all the types of games available. The popularity lies in the variety that is on offer. The rate at which new games are added is another important factor on the casino’s market. While games such as blackjack and poker will probably be popular for an eternity, other games will become dull with time once people grow tired of playing them.

The quality of graphics also plays a great part in making a good casino experience. With proper graphics and sound effects a table game can be felt like taken out of a land-based casino. The player who is looking to play slots will want the graphics and effects to deliver a feeling of fantasy. The best online casino will be able to deliver both of this as there will be a touch of reality.

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