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High Card Flush Game Rules


High card flush is a casino game where whoever has the highest flush will win. It is quite a new game and has only been available in Las Vegas since 2011. If you have played stud poker before it will be easy to learn but if not it’s a simple game to pickup.

You start high card flush by putting in your compulsory Ante. At this point you can also decide to also put in a bonus bet. This bet is won when victorious over the dealer and the amount won is based on the strength of your hand and the casino game rules.

Everyone, including the dealer is dealt 7 face down cards. You examine your hand and then decide whether to fold or call. In high card flush the name is self explanatory and the rules make it a very simple casino game.

A 6 card flush beats any 5 card flush but loses to any 7 card flush. Same applies for all hands in high card flush

If both players have for example, a 5 card flush, Standard poker rules apply and the higher flush takes down the pot.

If you don’t like your hands chances you should fold and forfeit your ante. If you want to proceed the amount wagered depends on your hand.

A flush with 2,3 or 4 cards you can only match the ante.
A flush with 5 cards you can put in twice the ante.
A flush with 6 or 7 cards means up to three times the ante.
Once all bets are made the dealer flips his cards and takes a look. The dealer needs a minimum nine-high 3 card flush to continue. Without one he loses and has to payout double the ante and return the bets. When dealer does qualify he judges his cards versus the players and the highest flush will win.

Beat the dealer you get your ante and wager back x 2. Bonus bet paid based on the strength of your hand
If you lose you also lose your chips in the pot
Draw means you get all your chips back.
As you can see the rules for high card flush are really quite simple and it’s one of the most fun casino games to play if you fancy a quick wager.

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