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Multitable Poker Tournament Move to the Top

Put your poker skills to test against a wide variety of players and learn how to deal with the sharks and the fishes— play in a multitable poker tournament.

A multitable poker tournament, as the phrase implies, is a tournament that has a multiple number of tables at simultaneous play. One’s objective in a multitable poker tournament is to keep oneself form being eliminated out of a table and, therefore, from the tournament. To stay in the tournament, the player must never go bare zero with one’s chip stacks.

How many tables are there really in a multitable poker tournament? It varies. The number of tables depends on the number of entrants. Yet, a tournament can accommodate as many as a hundred tables and even more!

A multitable poker works based on the principles of elimination. That is, every player who runs out of chips is removed from the tournament. As the number of players per table dwindles, players are relocated or reassigned to other tables. This is done in order to either keep every table occupied fully, or to even out the distribution of players per table.

Thus, there’s a lot of moving around and redistributing of players in a multitable poker tournament. This is continually done until there are only about nine or ten players regrouped around one table. At this last table, players will try to outwit, outmatch, and outplay each other until one player outplays all other eight or nine.

How does one join a multitable poker tournament? Your seat has to be bought. There’s a buy-in and an entry fee that you need to pay for. After you have paid the buy-in, you will be provided with starting play chips. Your number of chips will be the same as what every other player in the tournament will have.

How much can you win in a multitable poker tournament? Again, it varies with the prize structure that a tournament adopts. Basically though, prizes are pooled from the players’ buy-ins.

There are two types of prize structure: fixed and proportional. In a fixed structure, prizes remain the same irrespective of the number of players joining the tournament. In a proportional structure, prizes vary with the number of players. The more entrants there are to the tournament, the larger the pool prize. This prize will also be divided in varying percentages usually among the first- , second-, and third-top finishing players.

A multitable poker tournament is structured to seat a large number of players. These players are seated at different tables. In essence, one plays against all the players in all tables in a multitable poker tournament. Though there will be a lot of moving around, your main goal is to keep you chip stacks high. Then you don’t get eliminated. Then you will likely get to be moved around.

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