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Those Sensational Slots
It’s man against machine, but does man really have a chance?

Five Tips For Smart Slot Play

While you now understand how a slot machine works, and how the percentages rarely work in your favor, there are some ways to approach the slot machines that might make your experience more enjoyable and profitable.

The following are five tips that aren’t necessarily supported by numbers, but can’t hurt when you consider how and which slots to play.

Ask for help: That’s right, you don’t have to guess about which machine to play. You have a resource at your fingertips. Ask the slot personnel on the floor. Ask the change people who work the slots, or who stand inside one of the carousels handing out change. They do nothing but watch slot play in their casino all day long, so there’s a good chance they at least have an idea about which machines pay off. They may tell which machine they think is the right machine, or which one is due to hit. They could be wrong, but they want to help you win, because if you do, there’s a chance you’ll give them a tip.

Walk the floor: Take a few minutes after you arrive to watch the play of other players and to look at the patterns of the machines. Note which ones have paid a jackpot, or those that always seem to be ringing and buzzing. Knowing machines can be helpful, the same way a craps player waits around for a table to get hot.

Play the top number of coins: In most cases, you win big when you hit the jackpots. And the jackpots on most machines, especially progressives, jump to bonus levels when you play the maximum number of coins. Don’t miss out on this by being a coin short when you hit.

Reserve your favorite machine: If you have found a machine that is lucky for you, and you want to continue playing after a short break, the change person will reserve it for you for a short time while you leave the floor. Just ask them for help and give them a small tip for doing so.

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